D. S. Bradford started in the wake of his previous band, Certain Tragedy. In 2014, he released “Oceans,” a song that started the wave of creativity that led to Elemental Evolution being released in 2016. Since that time, Bradford has shifted focus to more instrumental compositions and working in visual arts at Evil Ink Records and Boom! Studios, a revered comic book publisher. Bradford has also collaborated with System Of A Down frontman and composer Serj Tankian, fusing music and art in compelling ways.



Composer For Media

As a kid, Bradford grew up surrounded by a variety of music and art. His parents are both singers, classically trained alumni from New England Conservatory of Music. In that household, classical music was a part of everyday listening, and although rock music was something that Bradford gravitated toward in his youth, he always loved listening to an orchestra and watching movies with epic scores. BatmanStar WarsE.T., and many other classic movie soundtracks found their way into his CD collection (yes, because there were CDs back then, kids.)

While in different rock bands, Bradford developed his art of songwriting and engineering in the studio. This practice of honing the art of arrangement and mixing has helped him produce his own music and releases, as heard in albums like Elemental Evolution. Little did Bradford know that someday listening to Tchaikovsky would pay off.


His journey into composing had already begun to take form in the world of rock, but the opportunity came up to really expand into a versatile musician when he learned of a video game that was in development called Saga Of Lucimia. The fantasy MMORPG was beginning to take shape, but one thing was missing. The music. Bradford volunteered to join as the composer and music director on a team of incredibly talented artists and developers. Without any orchestral arrangement experience, Bradford jumped right in and added to the identity of Saga Of Lucimia. As the team continued to grow, Stormhaven Studios was born and Bradford is a founding member, in addition to his role as music composer. This is only the beginning, as Bradford is pursuing opportunities to become a composer for film, television, and other media.


Graphic Artist/Animator

Long before he picked up an instrument, Bradford was rarely found without a sheet of paper and a pencil…or a crayon, a brush, pastels, markers. Inspired by many different artists, he found his own style within the realm of abstract and surrealism. When he was a kid, Bradford looked up to artists like Dali and M.C. Escher, and an artist within his own family: his uncle Mike Grau. Bradford became enamored by his uncle’s surreal and amusing creations and decided himself to tap into the strange, out-of-the-box way of seeing the world and expressing himself through art. Throughout his formidable years, Bradford also dabbled in caricatures, which his classmates and (some) of his teachers found humorous.

When he began creating music, then deciding to package his releases, Bradford saw it as a way to showcase the visual aspects of the songs he wrote. He creates entire worlds that no commissioned album artwork could truly capture, nor was it even a consideration.

The messages were only truly spoken once the vision could be seen.


Web Designer & Developer

In order to develop a brand without a whole lot of resources, Bradford decided to take matters into his own hands and learned how to code. In the early days of his music career, the website creation tools weren’t as intuitive as they are today and designs weren’t as slick, either. After learning the basics of HTML, Javascript, and learning how to render stunning visual content and creating a well-connected and user-friendly site (this one), Bradford set out to help others create their own websites focused on the exact same thing: Informative, simple hubs that are easy to navigate and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Hand-in-hand with his graphic design prowess, Bradford’s websites have helped several clients achieve success through thoughtful design sensibilities.



As Bradford developed his songwriting, he also found that he had a gift for writing articles. After writing his own press releases, bio pages, and web copy – and developing his voice – Bradford decided to give writing a go. He is a contributing writer for The Next WebBuzzFeed, and a guest writer on WeRSM (We Are Social Media). In 2020, Bradford started FWRD AXIS News.