The AR Music Icon Series is a new collection of works by D.S. Bradford. Each piece is tied to a place of significance to the music artist portrayed in each work and is viewable in the real world using the GPS coordinates of the location. Once a visitor is in that location, the portal can be accessed by the click of a button. No app needs to be downloaded. These experiences happen in the browser of mobile devices.

As a music artist and music fan, Bradford chose this first set of music icons as the ones most inspirational to him in his formative years. Most are artists no longer with us, though some additions are currently alive and active. Each portrayal is unique and expressive of his personal emotional responses to the music of these artists, lending to more of a surrealistic vision within the murals.

Augmented reality and the use of GPS coordinates to place works of art is nothing new, however, the tools present allow artists to express themselves and share works in an evolving way, temporarily or permanently, in a space within a dimension unseen with the naked eye.

The individual experience of viewing works of art is personal. This is even more so in public. Think about the environment, the temperature of a particular day you are taking in sights. What you may feel one day, may be completely different the next, based entirely upon the weather, the smells, the people around you, or anything else personally experienced on a given day. All of these factors affect experiences in some way. It’s the same with music. The artists and their songs mean different things to different people and have brought so much to the world. There is beauty in the world that we can’t see, until we are made aware, and open our eyes.

– D.S. Bradford

Kurt Cobain: On The Muddy Banks


46.984256, -123.805504

Aberdeen, WA

John Lennon: Imagine ☮


40.775744, -73.975207

New York, NY

Chris Cornell: I'll Wait For You There


47.685792, -122.249854

Seattle, WA

Prince: Dearly Beloved Ƭ̵̬̊


44.861863, -93.561565

Chanhassen, MN

Davie Bowie: Stepping Through The Door


51.461191, -0.115303

Brixton, London, UK

System Of A Down: Those Who Protect The Land


34.098077, -118.313433

Los Angeles, CA

Janis Joplin: Time Keeps Moving On


37.769487, -122.446852

San Francisco, CA

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