Interview with Rebecca Haslam for Popwrapped. Subjects include composing score for Saga Of Lucimia, producing and releasing “Elemental Evolution,” and the upcoming music video for “A Call To The Stars 2: A Home In The Sky”

PopWrapped: You’ve composed the music for new video game Saga Of Lucimia. What can you tell me about your score for it and the game as a whole? What made you want to get involved?

D.S. Bradford: Saga Of Lucimia is a wonderfully imaginative game based on the four-book series by our creator and executive producer, Tim Anderson. I first heard of the project from my long-time friend, producer Giovanni Martello. As I watched the earliest developments unfold, I thought to myself the one thing I hadn’t really seen — or heard — was music. We started talking about it, and I put together a quick demo, which was well-received and put me in a position to become a part of the team of the talented individuals creating the game itself. Subsequently, I became a co-founder of Stormhaven Studios, along with the other members who helped to shape the title from the very beginning. The story-line is well-constructed, and the scenery from the recent builds have been inspiring a lot of musical interpretation. This is new ground for me as a musician and has allowed for me to become more versatile as an artist. The game hasn’t been released yet, but there is plenty of information and content on YouTube and on our site to absorb. The community built around this game and the anticipation has been both humbling and astounding. It really is quite a spectacular feat for a team of our size, and the talent is incredible. I’m eagerly awaiting the launch and finally seeing everything come together.


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