Equinox By Fireside Studios is proud to announce the development of independent film Good for the Gander, a comedy/ thriller starring and directed by D. S. Bradford. Principle photography has begun for the feature. Watch the trailer:

Good for the Gander is a film about a man tortured relentlessly by geese to the point of madness. David (D. S. Bradford) is a father and working-class man, succumbed to the monotony of an ordinary life. During the course of the day, he is taunted by a sound. It is a goose. A feeling of dread and paranoia sweep over him as the sound grows louder and envelopes his mind to the point of madness.

This is Bradford’s first effort as a filmmaker. His background as a composer sets the tone for Good for the Gander, as Bradford will also compose the score, among many other roles.

Bradford says, “Of course, I know that this seems like a ridiculous premise to develop. It started out as a kind of spur of the moment idea that ballooned into something bigger than me. Sometimes something so simple can become this larger-than-life event. Hitchcock created suspense and dread in The Birds. This isn’t a spoof of that. The goose is a different breed of its own. They possess a certain intelligence. They have a spark in their eyes. They’re aware. Imagine being overrun by the cunning goose? This is their land, after all. It’ll be fun!”

Equinox By Fireside Studios was founded in 2016 by D. S. Bradford, primarily to release music commercially. The company now creates art and media in multiple formats. D. S. Bradford is a music artist, composer, and illustrator with a penchant for graphic design. As a writer, Bradford spends time as a journalist for several publications, specializing in entertainment and pop culture