Serj Tankian Releases 24 Minute Modern Classical Composition Disarming Time: A Modern Piano Concerto

  • Category: News
  • Date: June 18, 2021
  • Article URL: SPIN

Disarming Time: A Modern Piano Concerto’s release follows shortly after his critically-acclaimed rock EP, Elasticity, which was released in March via BMG/Alchemy Recordings. In an interview with Tankian earlier this year, he told us that while some songs on Elasticity were originally meant for his band, they “just couldn’t see eye to eye creatively and philosophically” so he went on to make a solo EP. On July 9, Disarming Time: A Modern Piano Concerto will be released as part of the Cool Gardens Poetry Suite, a collection of four cinematic works layered with spoken word by Tankian himself taken from the pages of his first published book of poetry, “Cool Gardens.” The video for “Cinematic Piano Theme (With Poetry),” directed by David Bradford is out now.

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