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My name is David Bradford. I have been creating music marketing videos for my own projects, as well as others, for the past several years. In addition to writing music, illustrating, creating graphic art presentations, and web design, video became a very necessary component to learn in order to be a well-rounded musician. It is a skill that I continue to build upon everyday and continue as I develop methods to express ideas in artistic ways. This very site is an example of my work, including the motion graphics found on the homepage.


Get The Amory Wars On Netflix [Petition Promo Teaser]

Trailer created for promotional use and social media posts pertaining to the petition urging Netflix to acknowledge a desire to produce a series based on Evil Ink Comics’ The Amory Wars. Music composed by D. S. Bradford. (2019)

Weerd Science – Red Light Juliet 3: The Seer [Teaser]

This was created as an homage to the legendary Weerd Science – The Illogy: Red Light Juliet 1-3. The video was presented to Josh Eppard, who decided to use it to promote the upcoming release at the time, Red Light Juliet 3: The Seer. Video is a compilation of recorded music, remixing/mash-up style sound design, music videos, and a morph of all three album covers.

Trailers • Teasers

Evil Ink Records Dual Band Promo Video (2019)

Promotional video showcasing the latest releases from Claudio Sanchez’s (Coheed and Cambria) label, Evil Ink Records. Video animation and music remix by D. S. Bradford, featuring the music of Thank you Scientist and Silver Snakes.

All Things Coheed Podcast [Weerd Science] (2019)

Teaser for All Things Coheed Episode 31: All Things Weerd – Friends & Nervous Breakdowns. Motion graphics and music remix by D. S. Bradford.

All Things Coheed Podcast [Stinger] (2018)

Motion graphics for All Things Coheed Podcast for promotional use. Music composed by D. S. Bradford

Elemental Evolution EP Teaser (2016)

Teaser video created for promotional use and social media posts prior to the release of Elemental Evolution EP in 2016.

Mixhalo Logo Animation (2019)

Animated logo video created for promotion of written feature/interview with Incubus guitarist and founder Michael Einziger and CEO Marc Ruxin. Published in July 2019 and part of a series of promotional videos for this event.

Good for the Gander [Trailer 1] (2018)

Second trailer for Good For The Gander. More intense than the last with a great shot of a “showdown between man and goose.” Like a Western, but, you know…silly. Cover art and logo also by Bradford.

Good for the Gander [Trailer 2] (2018)

A humorous spoof on old thriller movies, à la Hitchcock. Intended as a one-off faux trailer, this inspired the development of an indie short film. It’s meant to be bad. Cover art and logo also by Bradford.

The Saga Of Lucimia MMORPG Trailer (2016)

Trailer for upcoming video game Saga Of Lucimia, by Stormhaven Studios. I composed and performed the music for this piece, as well as video editing, syncing, and sound design. Narration by my father, Kyle Bradford.

Augmented Reality Projects (AR)